Start by creating a workbook. This can be done online or copies from magazines. When you see an image you like save, print or tag it. This allows you to see similarities in all the pictures you have chosen. This helps you to narrow your search for cabinets, counter tops, backsplash and floors.

Design and Function:

Take time to think about the design of your kitchen. See what is working or not working in your current space. Your kitchen has to be equal parts function and beauty because, after all, your kitchen will be lived in so make sure you get professional help from You can explore the internet or talk with a Keith’s Kitchens design member to show you what inserts or accessories are available for your kitchen cabinets. Changing the flow, any design flaws or increase storage or counter space. There are many options available to you.


Do you know the number one remodeling project in American homes each year? Kitchens. There’s a good reason for this—not only do people spend a good portion of their day in the kitchen, but a healthy percentage of home entertaining takes place there as well. A kitchen remodel tends to range from 10 – 30 percent of the home value.

Typical Remodel Budgeting Worksheet for $ 30,000.00
Cabinets: 40% = $ 12,000.00
Counter Tops: 15% = $ 4,500.00
Appliances: 10% = $ 3,000.00
Backsplash: 5% = $ 1,500.00
Floor Coverings: 8% = $ 2,400.00
Lighting/Electrical/Labor: 22% = $ 6,600.00

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